Web Services

For two decades Boston's SkyWorld Interactive has applied a sales focused information architecture and web design process. Our focus on measurable cost reduction and revenue growth ensures your success

We design mobile applications and mobile web sites leading your online users towards an immersive brand experience. We extend your sales funnel to include remote location inquiry and correspondence; we present varied content and calls to action to your mobile prospects as their tactical needs often differ from desktop inquirers. To craft a contemporary web design capable of increasing sales or reducing costs we evaluate existing web traffic and transaction data and we interview your sales team to ensure you’re designing an experience for your sales cycle.

By helping you define your web site requirements and CMS specifications we are positioned to review available technology options spanning custom solutions, DotNetNuke, Drupal, Ektron, Plone, SiteCore, SharePoint and WordPress. We offer build vs. buy options as we identify risk and scalable options.

SkyWorld empowers our clients to make the right choice in selecting a multi-year web site deployment investment.

As SkyWorld supports and extends your outbound marketing campaigns, each with a unique prospect message or time-sensitive offering, we provide you with campaign specific landing page generator tools and multi-input survey and registration form builder solutions allowing you to customize the first contact with a new prospect. Together we’ll work hard to capture someone’s attention. Let’s not send prospects to your home page; let’s send them to your campaign page where we can track, target and engage.

Our web based projects generate leads. By offering more than SEO techniques we help our clients generate new business via an integrated web site. Properly positioning your web site within your sales cycle and clearly defining how your site will move prospects toward the next stage of the client acquisition funnel is critical. We integrate a constellation of lead gen tools spanning targeted email campaigns, SEO driven content, re-marketing tools, campaign specific landing pages and campaign microsites, customizing content, CRM integration and dynamic product pricing into your digital marketing efforts.

Ever ask yourself, “Now how did this site know I was interested in…?” If not, you should visit smarter sites! If so, it is because solutions such as ours allow you to tailor and target content based on user registrations and user content pathways. By creating business logic around content sets and relationships we can customize a visit to meet the implied interests of each of your visitors. Mass personalization; one client at a time.

Drawing from our discovery efforts we map your varied sales cycles and associate content and transactions with each step in the cycle.

We expand the mouth of your lead gen funnel and guide prospects through awareness toward decision via measurable calls to action. We help your brand sell.

Great brands create predicable transactions. How? They guide audience members to a desired end result. Think that free sample table of cheese and chocolate at the end of the Whole Foods aisle is there for the heck of it? You’ve been guided through a sales cycle to an end result. For each of your goals — conversions, increase average sales, view of a video testimonial, ‘Like’ or white paper download — we craft your sales support map. Your site is designed and deployed around each well-defined step within your sales cycle as we work toward increased sales..

Enabling you to integrate linking strategies, create search friendly URLs and page titles, embed meta data and update your content presentation strategy on an ongoing basis via our WYSIWYG CMS admin tools reduces the need for large external budgets by allowing you to manage the natural search process internally.

Extending the edge of your sales funnel we increase awareness via social media content pushes and integrated feeds. With unique identifying tags we’re able to track the source of your inbound inquiries to their respective social media point of origin; we help you identify the type of content and the content platform best suited for your marketing campaigns. And while others guess, we rely on data. We help you by defining metrics and selecting social media platforms and tools that will support your sales and marketing objectives. We help make social media work.

We enable you to speak the world’s language. But wait, scaling your sites across national boundaries entails more than building CMS solutions capable of handing both romantic and non-romantic character sets. You need to update images, product specifications, regulatory content, page titles and colors as well. We position you to speak with a multi-national brand.

Ever wonder how effectively the team is following up on inbound queries? With our automated response and follow-up tools we guide your prospects through a series of customizable touch points spanning initial thank you and acknowledgment, internal routing, first round follow-up, second round content tease and third round definition of next steps. We don’t replace your sales team; we just make it easier for them to engage, track and close.

You consider your competitors’ pricing strategy when you price your offerings. Why wouldn’t you consider your competitors’ web strategies before going to market with your new site, services or products? With our ongoing marketing support services we review your competitors’ product offerings, implied target market, functionality, content and use of social media tools to place your decision making process within a competitive context. We help you stay more than one step ahead.

To support paid search SkyWorld will tag your inbound site queries with unique identifiers and feed the data into your CRM platform. With such valuable preference data in hand we are positioned to support your re-marketing efforts as you tightly focus your ads on proven search term preferences. It’s time to go after targets with a rifle and not a shot gun.

We provide solutions enabling you to change the way you do business.

Making it easy with a scalable, flexible CMS enabling you to deliver contextual content across desktop and mobile platforms.

Delivering end to end integration spanning UI, catalog management product display, payment automation, ERP integration, shipping and fulfillment.

Automating internal systems to increase quality and reduce cost with custom database development supporting your work flow processes.

Capturing and leveraging user profile data and preferences and seamlessly delivering that data to your CRM platform.

Offering subscription or pay based access to thousands of digital assets while enabling you to manage document relationships and rights.

Slashing your print budget with print from web cut sheet, catalog, quotation and white paper generation.

Applying cloud based solutions and integrating third party platforms to leverage proven systems.

Sharing and capturing social media content via feed aggregators and displays.

Customizing your constituents’ mobile experience with a focus on prioritized content and simple calls to action in support of new methods of engagement, sales and service.